Traditional Chinese Medicine

   30 Years of Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine   

Our Story

For centuries, Man has used the goodness of Nature through its flora and fauna to formulate medicines and natural remedies to bring comfort.  This prominence is seen in non-other than by consuming TEA.  The art of drinking Tea has gone hand-in-hand with healing. Eastern medicine has prized various teas for their natural healing abilities.

Founder, Dr. Sharon Xia has discovered that drinking tea on a regular basis is one of the many choices one can make to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. While a number of studies have linked tea to preventative and even curative benefits, Dr Xia simply views consuming Tea as a piece of the puzzle in healing.

Though no single method can work miracles, the powerful components contained in tea leaves have been shown to help against signs of bodily damage.

Healing Remedy is focused to bring the benefits of Eastern and Western traditional herbal products to address common health concerns through their range of easy to use, natural and conveniently packaged products. In fact, many pharmaceutical drugs were based on the original plant properties from heart medicine to asthma. Herbs are concentrated foods, packed full of vital nutrients, vitamins and medicinal properties.

Use of Herbs & Teas

Like herbs, teas also have a long history spanning many centuries, originating in China and then the globe as word spread of the deliciousness of teas!  Monks have used tea as a religious drink, and it has been revered as a precious commodity at royal tables.


Based on the holistic view of the human body operating within the energy of Nature, through the Yin Yang and the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Healing Remedy hopes that through the consumption of our carefully blended Teas, will help to balance one’s Yin and Yang promoting good health, vitality, and energy flow.